Agliano Terme Town Hall

Address: Piazza Roma, 21, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 954023
Fax: 0141 954564
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The charming hills of Agliano Terme “great wrinkles of an ancient culture”, as they are often defined, are characterized by generally smooth and harmonious slopes, and the ridges never reach such dimensions as to prevent the natural possibility of traditional and rational viticulture plants.

The vineyards give the hilly landscape a geometric, neat, and beautiful appearance, where the plots, for unequal dimensions, divided only by the “headlands” (small roads between portions of farms) are always harmoniously continuous and follow the borders of the hills with order and perfection such as to highlight the uncommon capacities of those who knew and know how to implant them.

Visitor, therefore, presents a landscape of incomparable beauty that, according to the seasons, takes on fascinating polychromies.

But next to the landscape treasures that can also be discovered on foot, by horse or by bicycle, the tourist vocation of Agliano Terme is manifested above all by the effectiveness of the waters that flow abundantly in the Vallata delle Fonti, around which it takes place the thermal activity of the territory. Also of great importance is the activity carried out by the Hotel School, which is located on the territory of the municipality.

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