Aqueduct Tower (Torre dell'Acquedotto)

Address Piazza Castello, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
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Reconstruction of the tower of the ancient Castle of Agliano Terme, destroyed in the 17th century.

A reconstruction of the tower of the ancient castle can be seen at Piazza Castello.

The castle of Agliano Terme was destroyed in the first half of the 17th century, during the struggle between the Duke of Savoy and the Spanish for the succession of Monferrato.

A church dedicated to St. Peter was built on the castle ruins, later destroyed in 1770.

Nothing remains of the mighty manor today except a plaque placed on the reconstructed tower, now owned by the Aqueduct, with the history of the manor and Bianca Lancia of Agliano, and a painting located on one side of the tower, executed in recent times, in which the figure of Bianca Lancia and the excellence product of the territory stand out.

From their love was born Manfredi, king of Naples and Sicily, mentioned by Dante in the third canto of Purgatory.

The top of the building is a very interesting vantage point, overlooking the rolling hills of Monferrato cultivated with vineyards: from there, on days with clear sky, it is possible to see the entire mountain range of the Alps, from which towers Monviso, the famous "Stone King."

The view over the vineyards, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is wonderful.

From this place, in addition to the vineyards, its is possible to enjoy a very impressive view on village rooftops, with the bell towers popping up. One of them is that of the Church of San Giacomo Maggiore, the other belongs to the deconsecrated Church of the Confraternity of San Michele.


Comune di Agliano Terme

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