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Artistic creations of Ezio Ferraris

Address Regione Dogliani, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
The artist Ezio Ferraris graced the hamlet of Dogliani with his works. See also... • Events in Agliano Terme • Agliano Terme tourist guide • Municipiu...
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Address Piazza San Giacomo, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
Tel 0141 1490964
Email info@baart.it
The cultural center was inaugurated on May 21, 2022. It is located in the premises of the deconsecrated church of the Confraternita di San Michele (Br...
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Commemorative plaque to the Fallen | Agliano Terme (via Principe Amedeo)

Address Via Principe Amedeo, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
Commemorative plaque dedicated to the Fallen in war. Insights Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. https://it.wikipedia.org Agliano Terme https://it.wiki...
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Former Church of St. Peter (Ex Chiesa di San Pietro)

Address Piazza Castello, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
The church stood within the perimeter of the castle enclosure. It was destroyed and its materials used for the construction of the parish church. Insi...
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Mural in memory of Ivan Fassio

Address Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 44, 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
Mural dedicated to the memory of Ivan Fassio (artist). It was created by Marco Memeo and inaugurated on July 9, 2022. See also... • Events in Agliano ...
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Photo story of the territory | Agliano Terme

Address 14041 Agliano Terme AT, Italia
The territory told through photographic shots. Insights Osservatorio del Paesaggio per il Monferrato e l'Astigiano http://www.osservatoriodelpaesaggio...
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